Spring Renewal at Pacific Vein CareSpring Renewal at Pacific Vein Care! Spring is here… Are your legs warm weather ready, or are your spider veins going to keep them covered? Get rejuvenated at Pacific Vein Care and Blue Sky Med Spa just in time for shorts season!

Although the physical appearance aspect is one of the top concerns for most people when it comes to varicose veins, this disease comes with a host of other complications, including pain, swelling, phlebitis, and sometimes even hemorrhage. Also known as venous insufficiency, varicose veins are a widely recognized diseased and most insurances will cover the treatment.

At Pacific Vein Care, we have specialized training in venous disease treatments and use sclerotherapy techniques to treat venous insufficiency. A concern of many patients is that they’re worried their varicose veins will return. This is not true of sclerotherapy is done correctly and with the most effective sclerosant. Pacific Vein Care uses a sclerosant called Polidocanol, which is highly effective and painless. We also use Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment, which uses a catheter with a heated tip to shrink varicose veins. Blood than naturally gets diverted to your healthy veins instead! Recurrence following this treatment is only two to three percent!

So get your varicose veins taken care of at Pacific Vein Care, and you can stop hiding your legs when warm weather rolls around! No spider veins in sight but in need of a spa rejuvenation? Right now, Blue Sky Med Spa is running some springtime spa specials. Waxing services are 25% off any one area, and we are also running specials on VI facial peels and Juvederm injectable fillers now through the end of April. Look and feel your best with help from Blue Sky Med Spa!

Spring Renewal at Pacific Vein Care! Feel confident again just in time for spring. Schedule an appointment from on our site or call Pacific Vein Care at 815-759-2368 to schedule your consultation, and be on your way to healthy legs for life!