Six Tips to Stick with Your Workout PlanThe new year is here! Starting a regular exercise program always seems to be at the top of everyone’s resolution list. With a new workout program comes a plethora of health benefits including weight loss, increased endurance, more stable moods and better overall health. For individuals with varicose veins, low impact exercise such as swimming, walking or biking have the added benefit of increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation – but what do we do when the couch sounds more appealing than the treadmill? Here are six tips to stick with your workout plan.

  1. Put it in writing – Taking the time to write plans out on paper increases your chances of success. Determine the specifics of your workout program, including type of exercise, goals, where you will work out and how often. In addition, create weekly workout plans on Sunday night based on your schedule for the coming week.
  2. Tell a friend – Tell a friend your goals and ask them to keep tabs on your progress. Better yet, ask your friend to join you in your efforts. Added conversation will make the time fly by.
  3. Own your goal – Working out with a friend can create added accountability; however, it is important that you own the success of your program. It is not your friend’s job to make sure you are working out, it is yours. They are there for added encouragement, but the drive to succeed needs to come from you.
  4. Set attainable goals – Setting goals you cannot achieve can create a recipe for disaster. Set goals that will give you a challenge, yet are still realistic. This will keep you motivated and still give you something to work toward.
  5. Set specific goals – Determine measurable results for your efforts. If you want to lose weight or increase the amount of weight you are lifting set a specific goal. Come up with short term (weekly), mid-term (monthly) and long range (three to six months) goals.
  6. Reward your achievements – As you start to see success, take some time to recognize all your hard work. Buy a new outfit, get a massage, do something special for yourself (try not to make it food related).

If varicose veins are keeping you from reaching your fitness goals, contact the team at Pacific Vein Care to discuss your options.