Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long With Pacific Vein and the Blue Sky Med Spa

Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long With Pacific Vein and the Blue Sky Med Spa. A dry, barren environment. An unappealing, inhospitable location, filled with grueling conditions and constant discomfort. Does it sound like we are describing a desert wasteland? That’s where you’d be wrong; these unpleasant characteristics can also be given to winter skin.

The summer season was your time to shine when it came to skin care; and for good reason—your skin was on constant display in your shorts, summer dresses, and even bikinis. But this change in the temperature that we are currently experiencing is no excuse to stop paying attention to your skin. In fact, we’d argue that this is the time of year where we need to pay the most attention to our skin. Hiding your skin under a baggy sweater or a parka will not hide the issues that come with dry, itchy, and unattractive skin. Now is the time to not only maintain your current beauty routine, but to enhance it.

Here are a few of our favorite ways that we keep our skin at its healthiest during the frigid months ahead.

Don’t Bathe in Hot Water

As good as a hot bath or shower feels during the winter months, it’s best to avoid it to keep your skin as moist as possible. Instead, set your water temperature to be lukewarm. This will sustain many natural body oils on the surface of your skin.

Never Forget the Moisturizer

Immediately following your bath or shower, give your skin a heavy dose of moisturizer. Applying lotion to damp skin will seal that dampness from your shower into your skin. To us, the more lotion you can apply, the better results it will have on your skin. We recommend stepping up your moisturizing routine this winter by scheduling a few massage treatments at Blue Sky Med Spa. It’s a relaxing experience that works wonders on your skin.

We at the Blue Sky Med Spa are also concerned about what moisturizer we are putting on your skin not only during your massage treatment, but also in your daily life. Your summer beauty products should absolutely be different than your winter ones. Look for products that have natural and nourishing ingredients rather than products that contain heavy amounts of petroleum-based ingredients. It’s also wise to choose oil-based solutions rather than water-based ones.

Layers are Important

It’s cold out there—so why expose your skin to the constant harsh conditions?

Always have a scarf and a pair of gloves on hand in addition to your coat and hat—it will do wonders for not only keeping you as warm as possible on a chilly day, but it sustain moisture on your skin.

Think about what you put into your Body

It’s that time of year for drinking plenty of tea and cocoa, because those are hot and soothing beverages. But we recommend adding more water into your daily routine. Something we like here at Blue Sky Med Spa? A little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Don’t let your skin become a dry and uncomfortable accessory for you this winter. Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long With Pacific Vein and the Blue Sky Med Spa. Now more than ever, you must practice healthy habits to keep your skin healthy and glowing all winter long, even under your multiple layers. Feel good and look good all winter long with Pacific Vein Care. Call 815-759-2368 or email to schedule one of the mentioned appointments or to book your free initial consultation.