Feel Good in Your Skin With Blue Sky Med Spa

Feel Good in Your Skin With Blue Sky Med Spa

Feel good in your skin with Blue Sky Med Spa! Crow’s feet? Rosacea? Ingrown hairs? These may not be things we want to talk about, but they’re also not going away. Our skin is one of the most weathered and well-used parts of our body. When we experience the wear and tear of aging, we either shrug our shoulders at the inevitable or look for the next great skin care solution.

Blue Sky Med Spa can help!

Skin rejuvenation is possible. Laser therapy offers the latest technology for treating blemishes and skin conditions. Laser treatment stimulates your skin’s proteins, regenerating collagen to tighten and renew your skin. What can laser treatments do for you?

  • Rejuvenate Aging Skin: Wrinkles, age spots, and scars can all be eliminated using laser technology. This helps you to look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside!
  • Eliminate Chronic Discomfort: You don’t need put up with painful conditions such as varicose veins and psoriasis! These conditions can easily be treated with minimally-invasive laser technology.
  • Confident in Your Own Skin: An endless cycle of topical treatments to beat rosacea, chronic acne, or warts can take a toll on your morale and wallet, especially when they stubbornly persist.

Blue Sky Med Spa offers the latest in a new generation of aesthetic and dermatology lasers including the LightPod line by Aerolase. Traditional laser technology uses long-pulse lasers, which painfully over-stress the skin. Aerolase uses air-cooled electronic lasers and a new technology with adjusted pulse duration to offer a state-of-the-art laser treatment that’s a cut above the rest.

What does this mean for your treatment?

  • Non-invasive and pain free
  • Targeted treatment, minimize additional absorption by surrounding skin
  • Available for all skin types without the need for cooling during treatment
  • No additional costs for anesthetics or topical cooling agents

We offer laser treatments for a variety of skin problems so you can feel good in your skin with Blue Sky Med Spa. To learn more about the types of treatment we offer, as well as the expected duration and frequency of the treatments, visit our website. We’re ready to serve you on your journey to looking good and feeling great! Schedule an appointment at 815-759-2368 for your FREE consultation today.